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Katie and Chris had a ‘First Day Visit’ the day after leaving hospital with daughter Millie.

"I read as many pregnancy books as I could before my daughter was born to try and prepare myself and so I was feeling pretty confident..... until I got home with her and everything I had read seemed to flash through my mind in a jumbled haze!

You don’t have time to read once you step foot in your own home and are being a parent for the first time! I had arranged for Julia to visit my family on the 2nd day we were home, that way, I had the chance to experience being a mum in my own home first and therefore all my questions were questions related to my environment; Am I doing this right? Is this normal? Do all babies make this noise?

Julia was a great support as she helped build my confidence with my daughter. Having Julia with me throughout that day meant that I could go through my routine with her and ask questions as and when they came to me, for example, when we bathed our daughter for the first time. You get given a lot of confusing and often contradicting advice when you become a new mum but having a private Health visitor gives you the confidence to make your own decisions based on your own situation and family environment

Kate Williams, London

Grace and Nick had a bespoke session for advice and support for breast feeding, followed up by telephone contact.

"I was experiencing some difficulty with breastfeeding my son and although I didn’t want to give up, I felt that I would have to resort to formula feeding. I had contacted my health visitor but was only given some advice over the phone which I didn’t really understand and so I contacted Julia as a last resort before I gave up the breastfeeding.

I can honestly say that even after the first meeting whereby we talked about positioning during feeding as well as simple things like observing the signs for hunger and whether the baby is latched on properly, I felt so much more confident in my ability to breastfeed that it almost became second nature to me and in the end, I breast fed my son until he was 7 months old"

Grace, Cambridge

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